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Madonna and Child Frame Gold Chain

Madonna and Child Frame Gold Chain


Product Details:

  • Madonna and Child Frame Gold Pendant
  • Incl. box chain 45cm
  • By Berlin based jewellery brand SISTER THE BRAND

  • Handmade in Cyprus

    Material: 925 sterling silver, gold plated
    Colour: yellow gold
    Clasp: eyelet
    Size: 21mm x 16mm

  • You can buy the 3-pieces-set here

  • The Eleousa (Virgin of Tenderness) is a  depiction of the Virgin Mary that represents her compassionate side. She is shown bending down to touch her cheek to that of her child, baby Jesus, who is nestled closely against her cheek, emphasising the reciprocal love between mother and child. Two angels flutter above each of her shoulders.
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