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About us

Aloha Beach Boys and Pool Girls,

if you - like us - prefer the good things in life then you came to the right beach party. After taking some time off and spending more time on a beach mat than in front of a flickering computer screen, in June 2016 we decided it was time to surround us with the right holiday companions. A collection of selected holiday essentials like soft summer t-shirts and washed sailor caps was born. All designed and crafted in Berlin to accompany you not only on the next holiday but also to lighten up your everday life.
Our young team of club managers is operating our small endeavor out of Berlin Mitte, constantly ensuring a maximum level of goodlife vibes.
Please drop us a postcard or instagram post next time you see one of our pieces lasciviously lying on the beach next to you.

Lots of love and good vibes only,
Annelie & Uli

Team On Vacation

Head of Goodlife
Social Media, Cooperations, Customer Care

Head of Goodlife
Design, Marketing, B2B Retail


Our goodlife collection reflects our lifestyle and mindset. We want to bring the vacation vibe to your everyday life. Its all about feeling good. Shine bright like you are on vacation, no matter where you are.

We believe in living our lives to the fullest, enjoying everyday as if you are on holiday. For us it means, to focus on all the pretty things, we already have in our precious lives and take the chances that are offered to us. We do what we like, in a respectful way. We empower and motivate all of you, to find out about your talents. Life is too short, to do a job you dont like & to live a life you dont want. Think out of the box, go your own way, be what you want to be and dont care what the others say. Your intuition will guide you. Everything is possible if you choose by heart. We chose to be on vacation, forever.


Our products are crafted in Berlin. We collaborate closely with Berlin based textile companies which take good care of the whole process. Every product is handled individually so each piece has a unique finish. All orders are hand-packed and sent with lots of love by ourselves <3